Anyone seen this video? Magicians circle I found it very interesting… would like to understand more but don’t know who it is and they seemed to stop posting 8 years ago!

Should say as the link isn’t obvious it’s called the magicians circle by someone called bear heart and very very interesting

Funny its video 44 (or one of the videos labeled 44 as I think there is another). I couldn’t find 45. Talks of Circle, square, triangle… reminded me of this:

Yeah I wanted to find others and can’t… I don’t personally believe some of the stuff about illuminati etc but if you leave that and listen to the rest about the tree of life and what you’re doing casting a circle and manifesting through the tree of life it’s very interesting.

Well, I found a 45…

He has a lot of astral vids when you look at the playlist. I think I’ll catalog these for myself. Yeah, there’s the reptilian and religion stuff and I can’t say I don’t disagree with their world religions utilizing control and making people slaves. Reptilian… not so sure on that type of Alex Jones thinking.

I started to wonder if some of this could be why Tarot uses cups, wands, etc. I’m slow on occult learning but I should definitely go find my deck. I wonder if there’s a app deck for smart phone.

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Yeah I mean I did get the point of Catholicism channeling all the energy towards the Vatican… that much I’ll go with but I have friends who get so sucked into the whole conspiracy theory stuff and it just seems like they get so trapped in fear and I refuse to do that to myself lol - I did that for years when I was a Christian. Done with it now :laughing:

Oh yes I’m sure it is. I have never ever ever believed tarot was “merely” a divination tool.

I’m sure the symbols interact with the subconscious in a much more productive way than “fortune telling”

not to knock it because I certainly believe people do have psychic abilities it CAN be used as a tool. I just don’t believe that’s it’s main purpose