Anyone seen one of these little pyramids?

Hi guys. Has anyone had or seen one of these? If so what use does it serve magically?


Is that a crucifix embedded into it?

Yes it looks like a cross it could mean crossroads possibly

I would say its more like a crossroads, a 3 sided witchcraft pyramids, it has to be x roads.

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Perhaps this has something to do with Hekate.Pyramid symbolizes trinity,and Hekate has the triple goddess aspect and Cross symbolizes crossroads,which she is also associated with(She has a lot to do with Crossroad between the worlds as well as Crossroads in the underworld).

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You know, there are more gods than just Hecate that are connected with that “3”. Some are even more ancient than Hecate.

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Yes but Hekate is the first one that comes to mind.

Depends the mind. Point is, what comes first in mind, isn’t always the right thing.

Hey OP, so upwards-facing triangles are a common symbol of masculine energies, and a four way crossroads is sometimes called a ‘male’ crossroads because it resembles a penis.

7 is the cornerstone of physical creation, because it’s 3 as time (past-present-future) in a 4d world. The window formation makes me think it’s made to store the energy inside, and deal it out upon opening the device like a Sigil.

So it seems like that’s a groovy little battery! :slight_smile:

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