Anyone rekognize this sigil?

Id like to find out what entity visited me. First it build this sigil in my conciousness:

Does anyone rekognize it?

[quote=“Epsilon, post:1, topic:5385”]Id like to find out what entity visited me. First it build this sigil in my conciousness:

Does anyone rekognize it?[/quote]

it’s a symbol communism, but i doubt that’s it unless you think Stalin is calling to you.

i would recommend meditating on the symbol and observing your impressions on it.

it was a pretty rough contact and i dont plan on evocing this thing again. It was just the shape of the picture above. Drawn in lines, so not red or any colour at all. It was a star like that, with no edges, just like in the picture. Round up edges.

Could it be a living entity-geometric shape and not a sigil?Just a thought.

Yes it can be a living entity. Now im sure it is. Like obama himself eventually :p… Atleast one of his security guys. But one of the first question it gave me was ‘Do you think i rule the world wrong’.

Reason why i think this is the following: here in the western world it was shown like we are almost at a world war. A few meditations before i figured how i can command my pets to do what i want just by my thought (thoughts with the back of my brain, almost down my neck - i could clearly feel how it came from there. And when i switched to the forehead brain thinking they immediately stopped doing what i was thinking).
I figured how i can suck everything into my reality in the here and now just by focussing on it. Like i wanted to draw Women to me in the middle of the night having some fun, all of the sudden i heared some girls screaming on the street (probably drunk but i didnt had the guts to go there lol). I then thought well if i can do that and should not be a materialist and should do with the power the best i can for all humanity, i had the thought of ‘well lets wake obama up so no world war happens’. I did that and shortly after my garden door started banging… The rest of the story is to be seen in my welcome post.

I came up with a lot of views on this situation. Like it was god, or my higher self, or well… it must have been an entity that keeps obama safe or something. Until this moment i never believed in ghosts or such beings, i have to add. It shocked me and scared me.

But then i had this very clear conversation with this thing in my head (right after i almost went insane… I was in the afterlife for about 3 seconds and could clearly see our whole evolution in some kind of Vortex - ‘the struddle of life’ ive called it) And like i said the first question made it seem like it was obama or some being thats driving him. But i wasnt sure. The whole story drove me in this direction here (balg).

Anyway thanks for the answer. Mindblowing really.