Anyone recognize this symbol?

My focus lately has been on monetary gain, abundance, and prosperity. However, after my most recent working while I recieved a $6/hour raise with a promotion, and my garden is doing very well, I also recieved an abundance of bad luck unrelated to finance. To combat this I just finished another working to repel bad luck and gain protection.

I like big flashy ceremonial workings. I employ crystals, burnt supplications including a fair amount of blood, candles, herbs, and I work in the nude and always finish by imbibing homemade alcohol and sharing my drink with my unseen visitors.

During the working I conducted tonight, the way my blood flowed from my wrist created a very distinct symbol on my left palm

. It stuck out to me. I have my theories as to what it means, but I’m curious as to what everyone else might think it is.

Let be know if you have any thoughts.

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Honestly don’t quote me here, but I do feel something with it. It has a connection to it. Not sure if it’s because how your blood flowed and it’s just your blood energy I feel that has that connection now to the ritual that I’m picking up through that energetic link or if it does actually hold meaning by itself which I am now getting as we speak, a sense that yes it holds meaning for you like a rune of sorts. I would suggest meditate on that rune and so what you get. It feels like it’s one of those things it could be a letter by itself or used as a meaning on its own.

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Looks very similar to the glyph of Saturn. Saturn can bring wealth through discipline, but it can also bring loss and hardship. Try contacting the intelligence of Saturn. It might be calling to you.


Now this is very interesting because I have a symbol that has stood in for my identity/ name since I began my practice in earnest. That symbol means triumph after hardship. It was a symbol I chose, and I have it tattooed on my body.

Part of the ritual i did last night involved writing some of my symbols on a tablet of jade with my blood. On one side I used a turkey feather to write a symbol for entities of wealth and protection over the symbol for me. I then let them dry over a black candle and the smoke from my burnt offerings and herbs. Then i flipped the tablet and began writing the symbols I’d created for what I wanted, and while I was working on those my blood started falling in flakes from the back of the tablet onto my left palm (was holding it by the edges in my left hand) which was when I noticed the symbol.

I flipped it again to see what had come off. The only symbol that had flaked was the one that meant me. One line remained, and I traced over it with the symbol on my palm.

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Well definitely look into it. I did pick up that it was more of a personal thing than a standard symbol persay. Given that not only you have a personal symbol but you’re doing a ritual dedicated to financial prosperity, I would say it’s a sign.

Now this is simply my two scents but given that your symbol stood and everything els flaked away you could look at that in different views. I would say the best first step is to explore what you felt before, during and after the ritual. How does this turn out make you feel? How does the symbol make you feel?

Based on what I feel it is personal and quite attached to the ritual as I have said. So to me it could be a sign of your workings and basically either a message or confirmation. Explore a bit more and try to open it to see what it may reveal.

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It just occurred to me that I might be looking at it at the wrong angle. When looked at at a different angle it slightly resembles the eye of hours, but closed. Wondering if anyone might have any ideas what that could mean?