Anyone recognize this guy?

couple weeks ago, this guy appears in a dream.
Doesn’t say anything, just laughs. a dry, staccato, sickly laugh.
3 nights ago he shows back up.
the voice sounded like a hurricane full of gravel.
“are you enjoying your work?” and then a dry, sickly, mocking sounding cough.
smelled of flowers and fire. heat I guess, not like burning wood.
I drew it the best I could.

the outer edge was spinning the whole time as well.
shit’s weird, I encounter a lot of things in my sleep.


I want to say raum but I maybe wrong look into beings that come in bird form at least that’s what he looks like to me there are plenty of them…

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You should mediate on it, if a spirit is trying to get your attention it will help you figure it out.
Write down any names and symbols that come mind when you are in trance

or Maybe it’s a riddle and it wants you to solve it?

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done that, I mostly only ask around when I’m out of options.
very much one of those self reliance, personal power kind of folks.

hm. I hadn’t considered a bird.
I’d thought maybe Bifrons, or possibly Buer.

I’ve never seen the two…but the guy you drew looks like a crow to me so that’s what I am assuming…however in the chance that I am wrong you can speak to each one you believe it is to find out