Anyone recognise this symbol?

Last night I worshipped Lilith like always, evoked her as usual, done a little magic and she was sending me messages through my minds eye. I dedicated myself to Lilith a few days ago and everything has been great since, I’ve been getting signs and messages to reassure me that I’m finally on the path I have needed to be on.

Last night, Lilith sent me this symbol along with a vision of the Tiwaz/Tir rune

The circle looked like the burning sun and the energy around it was a glowing yellow, from what I know up to now, V relate to the number six and apparently means Nail a secret name of Satan. It is the letter of The Seer, standing for victory, but also the virgin maiden daughter of the mother Goddess (because I’m a gay man I wonder if Lilith looks at me like a daughter hmm). I also found links to it with Baphomet (gets me thinking was she there with Satan or Lucifer) and Vulcan also known by Egyptians as Ptah a god of fire, a blacksmith who forged weapons (Azazael)

I was wondering if Lilith’s simply saying my dedication was a success, or pointing me in the direction of a God/ male Demon to work with and worship as my patron Deity. What does everyone think? Do you recongise or have any information to share about it? Any help would be really appreciated :slight_smile:
If anyone’s got any questions about other visions during that time or the ritual, just ask away and I felt amazing throughout the ritual, it never gave me a bad feeling, I always feel happy and secure when I’m worshipping Lilith or working with her.

I don’t want to bore anyone with to many details, so if anyone wants me to go deep into detail about it and can help, feel free to message me :slight_smile:


The V could also be symbolic. It could be a sign of 2 merged mountains where the sun rises. So in that case the V is the horizon.


Thank you, I never thought of that :slight_smile:

Just letting everyone and anyone know it’s cool, I worked it out in the end :slight_smile: