Anyone performed a ritual from "The Daemonic Companion" book?

After performing a Ganesha mantra magick ritual “Extreme Good Luck” and suddenly I found a $50 dollar bill Outside of Dollar General and out of blind excitement I did a Bollywood style dance, and everyone in the parking lot, gave me that look…you know the kind, felt embarrassed, but fuck them, I found a $50!

I figured I should try another ritual from one of his books “The Daemonic Companion” by Baal Kadmon. I performed a ritual involving a Eudaemon for Riches, while I was sitting quietly I saw a Golden Goatman in my mind and gave it a name, so I was wondering, has anyone has ever done a ritual from that book? If you did, what was your experience like? Mine was Awe and Oddly Bless. I mean, how often do you see a Golden Goatman sitting cross-legged and have threads of jewels, and red eyes, so yeah anyone have ever seen something like that?

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