Anyone might check if my servitor is active

Been creating this servitor for protection just checking if ive placed enought work into in since im new to it.thanks in advance …victorious the name black white eyes

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what do u want

and how can i help u

I created a servitor since i myself not a clairvoyance was wondering if someone with that ability to see in the spirit world could check if my creating process worked please

what have u created

Mainly for protection and increase in my abilty to focus and puah myself in my art martial art took the idea of a black panther like figure that but lil modifiy as my protector and also helping me focus in my art with a clear head

Pray tell - how do you expect us to check if your servitor is active?

Astral realm …

Maybe someone that can navigate theses realm since around me then someone with theses ability see if they might see it aeound me could check it out…for other magick its easy the entities has a unique powerful presence as an empath but for servitors its my own like energy can be confusing

But i guess il let it play out and see thanks wjo took the time to reply amd peace

If you really want someone to check to see if your servitor is active, do what others have done and post the seal/sigil of your servitor so others can evoke it.

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Hope this helps out …name:victorious

I could feel it just by reading the topic title. It is in fact active.

You really should work on your senses and maybe some divination practices so you don’t have to ask other people to verify things for you.


Yes working on it and as i said servitor kinda new so its normal to ask help as a new beginner from people with experience…im always open to learn and ive learned alot by asking help when stuck .but thanks for the reply tho✊

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Thanks you

You can always place a pendulum above the servitor’s sigil. And if it is moving/swinging it is working its job.
If it stands still then it is dormant.
Use pendulum for these kind of questions.
All best :pray:


@AlexandarMOstar thank you so much il give it a go

I agree with @Anziel_Merkaba totally. Your Servitor is certainly active!

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