Anyone knows who is Rakaash?

I had a dream last night and that word came by at the end…
It might not be someone but it definitely felt like it was…

demonic tigerpeople from India are called Rakshass

they’re sorcerers and are ill about humans, but perhaps there are some that are not

ill about humans ? they are demonic sorcerers ? human or non human ?

in the legends they’re portraited as demons, they were the antagonist of the Vedic gods… they’re closer to a ashura than a human but they were described as having kings and socities, etc.

ill about humans I refer that acording to the lore they love to curse humans, play with their minds and torture them, they are masters of sorcery and illusion and are described as tiger people (you can use google for more info).

perhaps there are non-malevolent ones I only have read lore about them, never cross with anything similar… tho I have had experience visit from tigers in the astral, and that was actually the reason to dig infoabout astral tigers and stuff, but it for me at least seemed to not to be related to rakshasas.

I believe these beings epic speaks of were also known as Asura. They were the main antagonists in the epic Ramayana. I seem to have one such being associated with me but I don’t know him very well.
Also the king of the Asura, Ravana even though he was slain by Rama in the epic is still around today.

Asura…i dont know why but that word doesnt sound strange even if i seek deep into my mind i dont think i have ever seen it or heard it but wence ive read it here, it just made something spark O_O
Thank you! I definitely will look into it…

I would still just like to know why i dreamed that, specially because of the dream itself…lol

crazy shizz