Anyone knows a demoness looking like her?

The moment I saw this being, Avacyn the purifier, from a card game ‘Magic’ when I ran into a pc gameshop/store. (I am according to forum rules not allowed to place a link of anyone’s art without permission, so I posted a google search result link with the name)

(It is probably the first being with white wings drenched in blood).

I immediately wanted to find a being that looks like her - and had the same features
Armour, black eyes, purifying/empowering in purifying…

Lilith in one of her forms in the draconian path qlippothic meditations, in one of her aspects - might come close, yet are there others one may come up with? I seriously adore female warriors of the left hand…; Lilith of course is a supreme delight on herself…

Another question, are there also left hand archetypes to be found of the zodiac figures, I am very curious about what the virgoan archetype might be, if so… - I’ve been asking myself that for years, still working on my receptiveness. Maybe you guys have clues?


@Asenath_Mason @E.A

Thanks a bunch, beforehand, everyone! :slight_smile:

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