Anyone know where this 33 day thing came from with Genius spirit rituals

Anyone have any idea where the 33 day ritual came from with the Genius spirits from Nuctemeron as I cannot find it in the translation by Levi.

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In numerology, 33 is considered a Master Number, and represents manifestation into the physical. Basically, when you are doing a ritual for 33 days, you are bringing down the spiritual conception of your result into the material realm so it manifests.

In Damon Brand’s Magickal Protection, the Master Ritual also uses the 33 day format.


Thank you makes sense never thought of it like that. Do you happen to know where the days associated with them also come from as that seems unclear in original texts baring vary basic information in Levis translation of the Genies to that hour and basic power.

Planets get matured with certain ages

Jupiter 16 years old
Sun 21
Moon 24
Venus 25
Mars 28
Mercury 32
Saturn 36

Basically your energies get fully unlocked only after 32, which is from 33 years to enable you to cope with the karma or reality Saturn bring to you and to this world.

The number 33 is the symbol of unlocking your spiritual powers to be able to work properly in this world owned by Saturn


I see 333 every now and then What does it signify?