Anyone know this spirit?

So my daughter had a dream and this guy showed up.

Looks kinda like uncle jessy from the show full house but with a grey stripe in his hair and vampiric.

Said he connects to me…Unfortunately I know alot of vampiric spirits.

For some reason I first thought Marbas. But I’ve also evoked and worked with Vlad Dracul before. These could both fit the bill but I don’t recall either having a grey stripe of hair before.

Any thoughts?

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Well then…

:thinking: the image that comes to mind is interesting but unfortunately the description doesn’t ring any bells, Sorry. If it shows up again maybe interrogate it?

Maybe but it didnt visit me.

Though could be on his way. He was leaving her to come check on me. But I haven’t seen him yet.

maybe vlad dracul? :confused:
van helsing? :blush:

I’d say more Vlad I have worked with him.