Anyone know of any spells that inflict mild to severe madness?

I’ve looked at the other posts to see if anyone else has written on this, but couldn’t find anything.
I would like to try an experiment. I’m looking to inflict mild symptoms of madness on one person, and severe symptoms of madness onto another.
Eventually, I’d like to remove this curse, but not until my experiment runs its course.
Does anyone have any ideas where I might find such a spell/ or spells, along with their remedies?
Thank you for your help.
Regards, ~M

Don’t know of anything strictly magical, but the alleged intent behind gang stalking is to cause madness.

You could try skimming through the spirits listed in this PDF: 3.5mb PDF “Demon List Version II beta” 8-11-04 compiled by Terry Thayer.

I haven’t worked with her (yet! she sounds irresistible, though!), but recently skimmed Kingdoms of Flame to take care of someone who refused to settle things physically and suffer no more than a beating. I went a more direct way with a different entity, but I did see Disodioria, who is credited with afflictions of madness. Just another option.

Best not to curse if you dont know how to do it. Cursing is for those who have advanced to the level to create their own magick. This is especially the case if you are posting it in a public forum where the people you want to curse could actually be watching you. Then how would you defend yourself? Im just saying it is common sense. If you have to ask, then you dont have the proper mental/emotional state and mentallity in general to throw a proper curse. This is the same for any magick spell really.