Anyone know of any Angels who can nullify black magick?

Do you have a method to nullify black magic and cleanse negative entities?

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In book the angels of the seven heaven by ars aurora theres is conjuration to conjure group of angel who can nullify spell and evil act agaisnt operator.


off topic ish but there are also angle that can do black magick the idea of angles only being “good” and demon be “evil” is just that a idea and a limit place on them. when in reality they can both do both. a angle can kill just a easy as a demon. a demon can heal just as easy as a angle the idea of good angle and evil demon are just a human idea that it really. there are set of angle call the angles of shadow. watch dose black magic angst other human if they are called


Look up the LBRP… The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, which calls on angels to banish. It’s from the Key of Solomon.

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I would also make a box/item really any think will do. focuses on negative/black magic being sent your way. and put in the underground first take a item focuses on negative/black magic being sent you way by anyone what this dose it making the item a magnetic for negative/black magic that is being sent your way and the negative/black magic wont effect you it be absorb by the item you alter with your mind


Sorry for not introducing myself. I have not practiced magic. I only do Reiki. I am interested in spiritual topics and stumbled upon this website while searching about angels.

‏I have noticed that most of the people have problems in their life due to having negative spells and entities. I would like to know if it is really possible to solve these problems through spiritual and divine methods and angels?

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‏I saw your page, the content you wrote was very interesting to me. Can you explain more about the LBRP and pentagram? Is there a resource I can learn from?

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Thanks :pray:t3:

I didn’t even think that they use angels for black magic.

I’m in luck, because while this is not part of my practice, our members have already posted lots of info about this because they do it all the time.

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Fastos And Meton reveal secret Tongues of Demonology/Angelology this link is the Incantation to Summon Legions of Angels for Black Magic