Anyone know if there are Celtic Deities, or Kings/Queens that fit the cabballistic zodiacal paths?

Trying to flesh this out, and have a basic TOL and elements covered, but not the zodiacal paths.
Im trying to scour what early writings and relevant modern writings we have left after the numerous destruction of literature and writings in general from their early history as well as the Norse.
Pre-Christian times there was a good amount of information, but after church invasions and WW2, not so much left.

Thank Dagda for sacred-texts and Project Gutenburg! As well as all other Celtic practitioners and webpage writers and authors that I gleaned info from.

So … anyone know the Celtic deities well enough to list the lesser deities or royalty on the zodiacal paths?

Put this in General Discussion since it can cover a few categories.

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I know the Celtic Deities, but I don’t know anything about whatever zodiacal paths even are.

You can relate some of these deities, or for some oft hem, aspects of them, to the wheel of the celebratory year. Some deities cover the whole year by design.

They’re not really related, so why do you want to try to mix them together? What are you trying to do?

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Its said in the OTO/HOGD that to be a good magician, you have to be a good diviner (geomancy, astrology, tarot), and to be good at that you have to be a good qabalist.

Sure, this is not entirely true, but in their circles, they believe that to be true.

The Qabalah is a different system, but it is still a good system to concentrate on and pathwork.

The mixing of the systems actually, sparked me by the Ciceros, that added content into the Self Initiation book, as well as A Garden Of Pomegranites. At least for pathworkings.

Will however look at the wheel of the year, Conways book lists ten classes of deities, so I plugged names in here and there onto a ToL. However, all the zodiac paths were a mystery. Since the royalty mingled with the gods/goddesses, and equal footing and respect between gods and goddeses (iow a goddess is not less, may be more), I thought maybe some early kigs, or at least the four mages, might import.

One other consideration, from Conways classings, is to plug the best name into a sphere, and consider for that sphere what aligns closest to the signs, obviously fire zodiac paths can only have three fire, etc.

Of course, also in the Qabalah, godnames are only in the spheres, not the paths, element or zodiac - which means it could be lesser deities or royalty presiding over those paths.

If we look at the Qlippoth, and study the Bible, we will see not all those names in the Bible. We will, however, find the kings and dukes of edom on the tree.