Anyone know anything about The Temple of Maergzjirah?

This is their website

They have some talismans and ritual packs that I’m considering getting and I’ve heard good reviews about them, but I couldnt really find too much on their particular magickal practices. Their system look interesting enough, but does anyone on here know anything about them and if their system works?

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Also here is a thread on another forum where people are talking about their talismans:

I have a few friends in cabal, they don’t share much about their systems but I can say they’re solid. I’m thinking about joining them soon.

I’m sorry to bump such an old thread, but I was just about to make one about the same topic.

I was wondering the same as the OP really, the things their relics claim to do seem extremely powerful and they make it sound like its child’s play to use them does anyone have any experience with these items? I was also wondering about their Discipleship are you locked into their system once you join them?

It seems like you can’t work with angelic beings if you’re with them does anyone know anything about this?

And lastly Does anyone know anything about or have experience with any of entity’s in their system? Once again I’m sorry for asking so much.

The Cabal’s system may not work with Angelic beings but that would not stop you from working outside of their system with angels. I would never work a system that limits what I may or may not work with but that’s just me.

I’m intrigued by them but their shitty bug ridden website and lack of communication makes me think otherwise. I was going to apply this year to the Cabal but think I’ll invest my time and money elsewhere.


Yeah I have heard mixed things about them as to their legitimacy.

I did actually try calling a couple of entities of theirs and some things did show up. The most memorable one was Voralak, what i got didn’t look like their description of her I saw it as some kind of fucking eel monster. She was far from being one of the most powerful things i have called but the vibe I got off her was pretty creepy.

I was checking them out yesterday as I had just heard of them very recently.

They do work with Fallen Angels, they are LHP and although their relics are darker, they can work in the lighter shades of gray (sounds like an occult bestseller- 50 shades of Gray Tantra)

Under the auspices of Chaos Magick, a practitioner could make the telephone directory or Who’s Who work to create magical effects.

I ken that they are what they say they are. Their public website seems to be glitch, there contact can be slow- but insightful and detailed.

Information is on the Discipleship page, read the FAQ and the Archive too.

If in doubt, find out. Divine it and or evoke for Intelligence Gathering

I’m a member of the Cabal, and have to say I like thier methods. I’ve always beens a bare bones ritual kinda guy, which is why I always liked EA’s works. The ToM is pretty bare bones as well, which is what atracted me to them to begin with. Everyone there is serious about their work and innovative to boot. It’s a good group to work with.

Thank you for the insight.

If you have questions, feel free to PM me. One thing I have learned though all my years in the occult is that there is no reason to turn down an honest question. We are all here to learn; hell, I learn more every day, and thank you all for stimulating my thoughts! :slight_smile:


I’m very interested in their material mainly Charnel Whispers, The Black Scriptures and their new book on sigil magick. I’ve attempted several times to contact both them and their eBay store and can’t get any response from them.

I may still work from their system but I’m not too sure about joining anymore.

-TWF- It seems we share the same desire, the strange thing is my first message got a response in about 10 minutes … But when I followed up with some following questions they went silent. I wonder if it has anything to do with the chains of the abyss?

Andreeje could you please layout exactly what the chains of the abyss says? If I’m prying too much please let me know.

The Chains are just guidelines and rules, and nothing to be worried about. The important thing is the seriousness and intent my fellow members take thier craft; that is worth it’s weight in gold, there are a lot of good people there.

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Forgive me, let me expand on what I meant.

None disciples don’t know what the rules are I was simply thinking that there might have been more strict rules when it came to talking about the cabal, and that’s why the support operators can’t answer certain questions. It would be good if they could layout the rules/ Guidelines on their site so people have more of an idea about the commitment they would be making.

Most everything you want to know is in the book ‘The Black Scriptures’ (including the rules). The whole book is an introduction to the Cabal. It’s a short book, but loaded with rituals, and the description and sigils of quite a few entities. Has all of the basic rites to perform. If you are unsure, that would be the best starting point.


Yeah, I’m going to buy it very soon. You’ve been a huge help thanks.

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Hay everyone, I just went and had a look at their webpage, WOW lots of great info, however I just don’t feel right about it at this time, the whole Cernobog, the Black God thing has put a a barrier for me, as you may know Cernobog,same spelling when translated from Slavic languages is also Black God, which if you do your home work is the one and only lord of the ab-bis Choronzon or if you go back from the Slavic peoples got their Magick from Summer, you then get W and B god, or Mazda and Ahriman, I find real real old Witchcraft fascinating