Anyone know anything about Hanuman?

anyone know where i can get a sigil and something about his personality? i am way to monkey to not speak to a monkey god


Hanuman is a Hindu God. He is very powerful and celibate God. He is an incarnation of Rudra (one form of Lord Shiva)

Like most of the Hindu Gods, he has Yantra (not sigil) and many different mantras - each for different purpose.

To work with Hanuman, first you need to know about him and create a relationship with him. Hanuman is a staunch devotee of Lord Ram and nothing makes him more happy than listening to name of Ram.

You can start by reading Ramayan (find a good English version online) and get to know him better. And as you progress, Hanuman only will guide you further.


i asked him for a seal once and he slapped the shit outta me


lmao classic Hanuman


I don’t know about seals, but Hanuman has his own set of mantras and yantras (ritual tools that are vehicles for the energy of the particular God they are drawn for). You can go ahead and use them in the Western esoteric tradition, but be wary of turning this into a purely transactional relationship. Hindu Gods need to see emotion and devotion first to be of any help to you.


God Hanuman demands Honesty,Discipline,Celibacy and High Devotion.
He is very difficult to please,even i cant do high devotion.
I will suggest better to work with Chinese Monkey God Sun Wukong…


thank you for the response, very helpful

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Learn all you can about him. Speak to him and chant the Hanuman Chalisa. It’s a safe prayer. Offer him something like a banana or sweets.

This explains why he hasn’t been present anymore. I broke my celibacy during a fast. I owe him an apology.

Yeah don’t break promises to him.

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My mother and I have a connection with a face aspect of Hanuman. We have a tiny statue of him. Particularly my mother in specific has the strongest connection with Hanuman but I definitely do see and value him as my Master and his presence is very strong.

During possession (channeled from my Aunty); the energy was explosive, the words were loud and so was the laughter. I was told in my past life or the one before, I forgot which one, I was a baby monkey working under him.

I could not find his Sigil anywhere nor have I done much research. Hanuman is extremely protective, and will watch over you and your course of actions throughout the day. He has proven much capability and ability. More ways than I could write it down here without taking up a chunk of text. Hanuman is very strong!


That’s kinda adorable.

For starter information about who is he and who’s avatar/incarnation is he can be found by googling.

so let’s talk about how to connect with him.

Hanuman is a celibate god that doesn’t mean you have to live a life of a celibate, i asked one tantrik(hindu magickian + pundit) about this and he said “Hanuman is celibate but he is the param bhakt(supreme devotee) of Ram who is married he look upto him and praise him so tell me being celibate gives an edge ?”. Ram is called Maryada purushottam(man who is supreme in honour).

It is said if you worship Ram then there is no need for calling Hanuman because he will always be there for you.

If you are going to start with Hanuman Mantra before that for 1-2 week chant Ram mantra only(mantra can be found online) 108 mantras or more for 1-2 week after then incorporate hanuman mantra. first do 108 mantra of Ram then 108 of hanuman. if you don’t have time then 7,11,27 times you can chant.

simple mantra can be just “RAM” that’s it nothing else.Valmiki who wrote ramayana(an epic of hinduism, telling the life story of Ram) he only chanted this single name, this is method is called “naam japa”(name chanting).

But that was different Yuga this is kaliyuga(even though now this “Ram” name is more powerful than it was in other yuga but still people who chant don’t get the expected results).

so in short if you want to have hanuman on you side, first have ram on your side.

What he doesn’t like hmmm this is a difficult question to answer as hanuman is a satvik(translation is bit difficult) deity he doesn’t like people having promiscuous relationship, eating meat of any non-veg foods, alcohol, gambling, cheating. why i wrote this is a difficult question to answer is because you can find people who are fully vegetarian and non drinker in india (where this diety hail from) but not in western countries or other countries. now people can say india is not the only country where he is worshiped and people who worship him eat meat and drink too and have promiscuous relationship, answer to this is…“i don’t”.

i have seen the devotees of hanuman suffering from diseases and with problems nobody can imagine just because of some mistakes, not only the devotees but their whole family also suffers with them(i wrote this just as a warning). so just be smart working with him don’t just go with anybody “GnoSis” just because they “ThINk” it is true. do your research and READ TEXTS/BOOKS


The Name of Goddess from your Profile Picture is Maa Meladi.She is also very powerful goddess but very strict goddess…She is famous in Gujarat and Rajasthan.


very good information, thank you

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Here is authentic information about Lord Hanuman by Himalayan Siddha Website

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thank you for the information

yup, she is mata masani meldi :smiley:


where are you from in india ?


Taking the time out to learn how to chant the Hanuman Chalisa and chanting it properly on a regular basis will lay the foundation towards an immense and loving relationship with Hanuman.

He is said to be present wherever Lord Ram’s name is mentioned, so Ram Nama Japa is another excellent way to connect with Hanuman.

You can chant ‘Ram, Ram, Ram…’ for 108 times at the very least and doing more will be great. I’ve attached a link for you below for Ram Nama Japa.

May Hanuman the fearless & valiant warrior

bless and guide you.