Anyone know any good chants or incantations that will calm a animal down?

I’m asking because I am studying to become a Vet Tech and I thought it would be useful to know a incantation or chant that could calm down nervous/scared animals.


I would like to know this one too. Would come in handy when I have to give my dog a haircut. He fights me the hole time

Body language in the moment will do a much better job then a incantation. I did study a bit for vet tech as well. It’ll be more professional too. However in the long term you could use incantations.

Basically by body language I mean, how you approach and handle animals.

It’s a skill I have had since I was a kid. The best way I can describe it is, put your hand on, or just hovering over, their body and imagine a white radiant light coming out. Make sure you, yourself, are projecting a total calm (the same as what you’d feel when meditating).

Works every time.

If you have access to pets that don’t bite, give it a whirl. Doesn’t have to be a furry pet, tarantulas and other weird creatures will show you the same positive reaction, once you do it right.

ps no offence to tarantulas. I adore all animals, even the ones I personally find a bit weird!

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