Anyone know a good spirit to invoke to improve sexual performance?

Hi all, lately I’ve been getting in my own way with my when it comes to sexual performance. Worrying about my performance and having my mind get in the way. I sometimes struggle to be present when I am having sex with my partner and as a result it makes sex less enjoyable and shorter for the both of us. I love invocation and have achieved amazing results from it in the past but don’t have much experience with lust spirits. Anyone have any recommendations of spirits that I can invoke to Improve my performance and help myself and my partner enjoy the experience even more?

Aphrodite, Lilith

if your partner is female: Xochiquetzal

or Qetesh a canaanite Goddess.
Goddess of Sacred Ecstasy and sexual pleasure.


I highly recommend the djinn I wrote about here for this :slight_smile: In a relationship, I’m certain it would be incredible.

Corwin Hargrove also has a ritual for taking passion to the next level in Practical Djinn Magick- and it’s designed to open you and your partner up to your deeper sexual fantasies and to be okay with them- things like that would help also in this regards imop.


Thanks for the response! I will look into each of these goddesses. My intuition was telling me I need more feminine energy in my life to embrace my sexual nature so your answer was very validating.

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Thanks for the response. I will check out the book. I love everything from the Gallery of Magick and I’ve read one of Corwin’s books in the past so this one should be good.

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I don’t believe Hargrove is part of GOM, I think the authors he’s associated with are a different group- but they use similar styles and Hargrove is very to the point with emphasis on simplicity and getting results, so I do usually enjoy his works. :slight_smile:

Good luck with it all :slight_smile:

I dont have a spirit for you, but if I may recommend a book.
Mantak chia multi orgasmic man


Sargatanas confers invisibility and bestows skill at lovemaking.

Dude you just have to look or know what your partner likes whiLe seducing him or her. Just observe and be confident in what you are doing…when you know that and getting better in it then perform so magick and you both get the best sex ever :wink::wink:


Demon Lord of Lust

Archangel Haniel?

This is usually a problem for females, so my guess is your a woman correct? In which case I definitely recommend Astarte.