Anyone in the chicago area?


Hey everyone, I’ve got a bit of a problem, for various reasons I can’t really do some evocations over here of entities that require incense. But the two people who have been cooporating with me havent been available so much lately. So I was wondering if there’s anyone else in the chicago area who is willing to let me use their place to do occult stuff now and then? Wouldnt be too often, but it’d be nice to have another place to fall back on when no others are available.


DK gave a pretty killer idea on another thread: rent out a storage unit if you don’t have a space of your own to use. Ideally rent one that gives you 24 hours a day access and is conveniently located, but ultimately cost may be the main factor. Shouldn’t cost more than $100 a month, and may be much less.

Storage unit locations are usually free of people 99% of the time, as it is a place for stuff, not people. And as there are no neighbors, you can be smokey and loud if you so choose.