Anyone here work with Ra?

Care to share your experiences?

with respect to Ra intended, so if too personal, do not share


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I’ve “worked” with him, been to his pocket realm, among other things.


How did you find him, he is very wise in my opinion

Past life ties to him

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thats interstining! though i meant what did you think of Ra?

He has his moments where he can be a douche i.e what he did to his granddaughter and grandson Geb and Nuit.

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unrelated but i will send you a pm on something

Encountered him a few weeks ago. He was polite but had an extremely powerful presence. He told me to work with him for lessons in my life’s purpose.

I like him though he seems stern. He also has a no nonsense vibe to him.

the no nonsense vibe is correct, ive gotten the same

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