Anyone here into maergzjira?

Need someone to talk to about it. I’ve been curious for years, but it’s hard to find much online info on it.

You mean temple of Maergzjirah?

One of my friends here (inactive for months on forum) is in that temple.He gave me materials needed couple of days ago, I may start reading it anytime soon.

The Cabal doesn’t have a very good reputation on this forum due to its rather cult like attitudes and tendency to both verbally, and magically, attack those who disagree with them. Those who do practice the current don’t seem to stay very long :man_shrugging:

There are multiple threads on it though if you do a search.


I haven’t had any encounters with it, but I’d agree with your statement regarding what I’ve read in some of their books. I’ve been on and off reading them. I think it’s interesting but have often wondered if its possible to interact with these entities without dealing with that cult like behavior.

The books keep talking about apotheosis, but they still seem to feel like the stereotype the lhp and black magick receives. It’s like something straight out of dnd. When I ask, I keep hearing that the systems and entities are real. But it still feels like like an rpg. Though, if they used their own lore to create one, I think they could make some money.

Above all, I’m guessing that you can’t practice the system casually?

There are egregore ones and there are some real ones too.

I am legitimately intrigued. But I prefer to be safe.

Their mythology is heavily based on role playing games like D & D. If you wanted to take the time, you can actually trace the parts they cribbed directly from various games to its source materials.

Their magick does work though. It’s basically Chaos Magick with necromancy trappings. A former member of this forum, Micah, is practicing the current right now, though he told me he recently got kicked off one of their online groups for claiming to have accomplished one of their supposed upper level feats (becoming a lich) in less time than what is touted and pissed off the Master of the Temple, or whatever the title is, that ran the group.

I think you can. You don’t really need to be part of the Cabal in order to practice the system, any more than you need to be part of the Golden Dawn to practice theirs.

From what I heard, the Cabal is currently going through a schism. Apparently there is coup against Dreadwood going on, and that is why his source books like Charnel Whispers aren’t available on Amazon at the moment. They’re fighting over the rights.

I say, if you’re interested, then dip a toe in and check it out.

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Well yes, if you dont know how to find the difference and whats made up or whats legit, hold it for now.Look into other, safer currents.

Lol yes I heard something similar to this

Truth be told, I haven’t even chose which watch tower I’d work with. I have a few in mind, though.

I buy the first circle back on the day coming whit a booklet from a ex member, from ebay. If interested, i have buy tat for curiosity its a mber booklet, and cloth circle, alsp a hazel wand and instructions from a gotia guy, from uk. But back to topic the booklet u get is a grimorio. Easy. Towers etc good info. His seals first edition was good, now all his books are short, cut etc.


i love that tower <3

thats what we had, when our coven of outer disicples, was visited by a cabal member and didnt believe what we had done.

Still, i dont wanna talk bad about them. IF they love the blighted and respect them i dont care if they are a bit confused.


~before i forget it: Dont call Zazazel “ZAZA” he hates that XD
I remember “Cernobog” and Akreoth teasing him sometimes.

You seem to know a lot about that current of Magic. Do you mind if I DMed you?