Anyone here good with separation/break up/discord spells?

I need your help!!

Basically my sister’s husband is cheating on her and I want to separate them… Please message me if you are willing to help a fellow BALGer in need



Have you tried a banishing ritual on the person you want gone? I’ve never tried an actual “break up” spell but banishing a person from the heart and life of another might be a template you can use for your issue. If nothing else worked then give it a shot.

A basic banishing: put some salt and cayene pepper in a bottle and shake it up picturing the person leaving the heart and life of the other. Speak their name and the banishment out loud as you go. Stop when you feel you should.

That’s just something for you to build on if you wish. Good luck.


Dude wtf you got 15 people who did that spell for you.
Back up and stop micro managing.

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Different one mate!!

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Find spirits who can enter the dreams of others. My breakup spells involve dreams. I’ll ask some of my dead allies to enter the dreams of the people I wish to seperate and spread discord and distrust. My last break up spell manifested in seven days.


Interesting!! Unfortunately I don’t believe im advanced enough to perform such thing!! I can barely open sigils and communicate with spirits (voices in my head)

Btw, are you in anyway related to the OTO?? The “frater” kinda suggests it

@Ghocifer You could probably do a visualization with a candle in which you go into your target’s dreams. And no, I just use the Frater as a title for anonymity.


This is to simple!

One black candle + One intention = Result

If you need anything else, your doing it wrong!


I guess a hoodoo jar with vinegar would be good enough to split them up assuming your sister already knows. It’s worked for me multiple times in the past and does not require a lot of expertise.

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