Anyone here actually practices Navajo Skinwalking?

Hi guys. Some of You may allready know from my previous posts and comments that I am quite knowledgable on the topic of some Shapeshifters, but… Not all of them obviously… And one of the classes that I really would love to know more are (in)famous Yeenaldooshi from Navajo lore… Does anyone know how to safely and effectively connect to their energy and consciousness? All help and advice would be appreciated :blue_heart:

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To the Navajo the skinwalkers are evil magicians, and from what I gather you have to be initiated into it by other skinwalkers who scout you out. With part of the ritual being you have to kill one of your loved ones and bring the body to the group where they dismember it and use it for the initial transformation ritual.


That is dedication…


What if someone does not have loved ones?

To add to what @UnseelieDiabolus already said, (i got into this a while back, researching all i could, even onion torrent videos of alleged skinwalkers and ritual sites) yeah its a severe dedication, one of the best outside resources on the subject was J.C Johnson (deceased) but he claimed the ritual involved murder of a close love one, family or spouse, ritual desecration of the body, and the skinning of a live animal to become one. Also its only predatory animals, which in Navajo tradition, wearing the pelts of a predator such as a coyote meant that you were evil, like bad to the fucking core. I’m not quite sure of all of the details he had provided, as he was close to the tribe, but not an actual member.


They pick you. If you can’t meet the criteria then they likely won’t bother with you.


“safely and effectively connect with skinwalker consciousness”

Hahahahahaha no. There is no modicum of safety possible in what you’re asking.


Thank Ya’ guys. I appreciete each and every single one of Your comments. I have heard that in the past, the Yenaldooshi were accepted members of the society, actively using their abilities to help the community and spy on the enemies of the land… Only later, when demonisation and persecution of Skinwalkers started, they turned against humans, or at least it’s something I have heard from the interviews with two elderly natives on the internet, kinda long time ago… Well, i told You :joy: Skinwalkers are not my “specialisation”, they only interest me in their own way :grin: Thanks to Y’all :kissing_smiling_eyes: