Anyone heard this before? Automatic writing with Azazel

Earlier I did an invocation of Azazel in order to gain knowledge of my next steps in my path, as I am always wondering what more can I do, and what else lies ahead.
“you have not yet seen all you must know, but you know where you must go. What you must do. You know what’s next. Yednerab. Yednerab. Yednerab. Yednerab. Yednerab.”
This left me in a confused state, how can I know what’s next? I mean, that’s why I asked in the first place, is it not? I think it might have to do with trusting my intuition.
But what scratched my head the most was the word “Yednerab”. I’ve never heard it before and apparently neither has google. Have you ever heard of this word, or something similar? Does/can it have any meaning? Or is it just chicken scratch my brain came up with during the invocation?
Thank you for reading my post and have an amazing day.

I put it through google translate and it was russian and the translation was “Ednerab” I don’t know if that helps at all

Two options are that it is a mantra, or the name of a spirit which would be good for you to contact.

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