Anyone have any experience with Buer?

I heard he has great knowledge and wisdom on philosophy.

I’ve worked with him in order to stop thinking on a certain woman. He gave me great advice for me to stay more calm at that time regarding topics unrelated to my request, but I found that if you keep feeding your mind with shit, he won’t bother himself trying to stop you from doing that beyond showing you that you are doing something really stupid with yourself. He has a lot of patience, but like any other demon he is great at investing and won’t put his energy where there will be no gains.

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Probably you mean his holistic point of view about man? As a Bio-psycho-social unit? Buer is an excellent healer of all kinds. The right philosophy leads to a healthy Lifestyle

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He’s an awesome healer ! Did 2 ritual to fix a health problem and done :blush: his energy was very nice as well !