Anyone have an idea as to why Lucifer changed his "vibe" towards me?

Just like the title says. Lucifer is the only Crown Prince that I have contacted. At first, his vibe was a deep feeling of raw love, not romantic or family love, it was more basic, raw, and primal than that. I even felt it projected at me one day as I walked past his activated sigil that I had left sitting on the table ( I had forgotten it was there and wasn’t looking at it or thinking of Lucifer or his sigil, or anything occult until I felt that and saw the sigil. The more I looked at it, the stronger the feeling became ). Then, one night a couple years ago, I was “opening up” to him and kinda meditating on him and got a vibe that wasn’t hostile, just kind of off-putting. A day or 2 later and I got that same uncomfortable feeling. I haven’t contacted him since. Why does anyone think this is? The only things I can think of, since I have never disrespected a demon ( I want to get along and have good relationships with demons and angels ) is that maybe I contacted his dark aspect ( Amaymon ), or he was in some kind of “mood”. Anyone have a guess?

He is the Emperor of the Infernal Empire, he created his own World and his Will was done. He is no Patron so surely assigned some of his spirits which maybe you have discarted or maybe is not yet the right moment. Ask the Tarot, Pendel, Dice…

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A person’s “vibes” is always changing based on their mood, mentality, thoughts, and so forth, it never stays the same. You could ask him, or simply leave him be if there’s something going on in his personal life that is causing his vibes to feel different for you.

They are living breathing individuals too that go through things such as family, work (in lucifer’s case he rules an entire nation within one of the underworlds)