Anyone has a good relationship with sitri?

Anybody here has a good relationship or contacts frequently with sitri?
I have a favor to ask you. I wrote a petition letter to him to bring sex in my life from the women i find attractive. Can you kindly ask him if he’s been working about this?

Sorry for my bad English and also please correct me if I broke any rules :slight_smile:

We do not pass messages to spirits for people. We get asked to do it all the time, but this forum isn’t a messaging service and the members here have better things to do than pass notes back and forth to this spirit or that.

You have to assume the demon got your petition and that he is working on it. Have some patience and trust.


In addition to what @DarkestKnight said, I will add the you should learn a simple divination method to ask him yourself. Pendulum divination and the coin toss method are two methods that are easy to learn and have yielded good results. The search function should yield good info on both.