Anyone had dealings with the Intranquility Spell...?

Good or bad ?


I’ve heard more bad reviews than good, try popping this into google: intranquil spirit

I wouldn’t use it myself, based on what I’ve read.


I worked with the Intranquil Spirit years ago to get a cheating piece of shit masquerading as a man back. If you want to know if it works, yes, it does. You’re not gonna pick off where you left off and things won’t be hunky dory though. If you’re looking to get someone back just to dump them out of revenge, it’s a good spirit to work with. If you want true reconciliation, you’ll have to do additional healing and sweetening work to get things on track because the person will be surly and restless because (duh), the spirit makes them that way. There’s just no finesse (for lack of a better word) or subtlety with that spirit. Read the words of the prayer - that’s exactly what you’re getting.

I’ve no moral objection to bending or even breaking free will, but I feel like the IS is the equivalent of going around your next door neighbor’s asshole to get to your own elbow. There are plenty of other spirits and spells to utilize that you can tailor to get the outcome you desire.


Ty just interested on your thoughts to be honest.


Yeah I used it not long ago and instead of making the target be restless thinking and wanting me, it made the target feel that way for someone else, so it worked in a way, but whatever.

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The Dark,

You had mentioned that you have used the intranquil spirit work? How long did it take to see results or movement? I had a spell caster do it for me.

My own limited experience with it - it brings chaos of the bad sort, like dealing with a feral animal or a flu virus. A real force, but animated by a lot of disorganized, angry energy.