Anyone experience with Kali Devi?

I have made some rituals and offering to Kali Devi for protection. One night before I go to sleep I was laying in bed and chanting Kali Mantra, and all of sudden I was unable to move myself. My whole body was completely frozen , I didn’t feel any pain, numbness, cold or hot at all, and then i felt my body was floating up in the air, almost 2-3 ft above the bed. I saw some light and get scared, i forced myself to move and resist. Next thing i know i was back in bed and i was able to move.
I discuss this with someone who worship Kali, he said it was awakening but since I resist and get scared i push the energy away and i missed my chance. And suggest me not to do that Mantra again.
But after that I start seeing a lot of unusual things in daily base, such as my birth date and month number on clock, Hawk outside of window and sensing weird things.
Does anyone have any similar experience? Please share.

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Which mantra are you chanting?
And whom did you ask for advice?
And the kali energy is transforming you so keep working.

I am average working with her and it is mind blowing experience.
She has many ascept in her so

Om Hrim Shreem Klim Adya Kalika param eshwari swaha. That is the mantra also along with that I did some devotions to her.
It was some guy I know from India who is a big follower of Shiva. Not sure about his experiences but he is so much into astrology and God’s. He also warned me not to awaken Kali again.

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Did you get this mantra from internet or someone gave it you you ?

Usually you don’t chant mantra with beeja in it without initiation or the mantra should be given by someone who has siddhi over that mantra.

If the mantra is charged by any of the 2 ways I mentioned above you will see the result instantly. Like in just one mala(108 times) or even in less number of repetition.

But yeah you can do chant it sincerely it will give result but slowly, it will take some time for it to resonate properly with you.
It’s actually a good sign that you start experience that keep going. If possible visit Kali temple and give offering there and ask for blessings.

Also Shaktis are worshipped with their bhairavas so if you could then do one mala(108 repetition) of shiv panchakshari mantra before chanting the kali mantra it will be really helpful.

It wasn’t a Guru Mantra, just found online while studying some spiritual stuff.

Thank you for sharing this with me. and helps me to understand more about it, and also give me more to study.

It make much more sense to understand some connection between Shiva and Kali. I found it much better and easier to chant mantra if i follow my breaths and control on my mind, so i can stay focus and be present. It helped me in various ways and accomplish some of spiritual goals but then for unknown reason i lost all the growth somewhere.