Anyone ever transform your astral form accidentally?

Hey, i have weird phenomenon, i transformed my astral form accidentally, i have become werewolf in astral world! It’s weird
Long time ago, i have dreamed about Hellhound many times, in my dream, i have bited by hellhound! And after that, when i dream, i always walk like a human, but when i try to run in a dream, i run like a WOLF! But i never realize it before!
In real world, i get a new “ability” LOL, yes i can smell from a distance, even i can smeel something that hasnt happened yet! For example

I have a baby girl, i smell her dirt/poo even before she defecates! Lol and yes after 5 minutes later, she defecates lol

Ok last night, i try to look at my astral form, and wtf i have become werewolves! Lol
So maybe i try to contact some WOLF deities! Any suggestion? Fenrir, Garm, cerberus?? Or any demon have a werewolf form/nature?

Sorry for my bad english

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Have you thought of Leto? She is the mother of Artemis and Apollo by Zeus and fled Hera’s rage in the form of a wolf and denned with wolves while finding a place to give birth to the twins while under Hera’s curse

Hmmm interesting! Greek pantheon! Thx