Anyone ever have a Div just show up when you're not thinking about BMoA at all?

So I was on my way out the door to get a pizza and I felt this strong unmistakable energy show up to the east. I felt it gradually move closer to me and I flashed my aura a bit as to put up a defense so it couldn’t do anything to me. I looked at it and said “Greetings, speak with me.”

It told me “I am Akomanah, the Path of Smoke calls to you young magician. We have been calling for some time and will continue to call.”

I then remembered seeing a reply on here to a thread I made a while ago in Kurtis’ section that talked about someone conjuring Ahriman and getting a grim looking sign. I had also just seen the cool version (OG) of BMoA on an ebay listing on one of my many browser windows. I looked at the photos briefly, saw the circle of counter creation and thought (cool, when I have some dosh lying around I’m grabbing that!) and then ordered a pizza…

He continued “Work the paths you are on, yet a time will come when you need it as much as it needs you. You are to become Zanda. We are with you. We shall help you, and then we shall build you.”

Then they were gone. I hoped on my discord group I’m active in and posted this. Then I left and looked to where he was and said “Not yet”

…I’ve been noticing a lot of interesting patterns in my life lately. I’m actively asking for adversarial results (like a dramatic girlfriend) so I can practice certain “controlling douche free” relationship management techniques I’ve learned and gain power where most people would succumb to modern programming (hypocritically in the name of equality) and hate their lives.

I’ve been working a lot with Belial and he’s all about adversarial teaching. Things you can handle and learn from, yet adversarial indeed.

Did I knock on a door through mindset that lead to this? This blew my mind… I wasn’t in TGS or anything, I shut my lights off to walk out the door and then immediately a thick spiritual essence was there.

…anything I should expect? Advice? I’m amazed

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Not with Divs but with the book itself. The book is potent. I also work with Belial and have for some time. I would say that Belial puts you in synch with these powers. There is an agenda behind that book. Pursue it if you align with it.

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