Anyone ever had a (potential) premonition and used a spell to prevent it from happening?

I had a lot of premonitions of people who died, and it came true. except with my grandparents but i always prayed for them. they’ve come close to happening, but i believe my prayers prevented it from happening. anyone have the same experience and advice on how to prevent a bad premonition from happening? thks guys!

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I’ve had many premonitions of people dying that came true, and two that still haven’t played out yet. I’m torn about whether to tell the people involved. But to answer your question, no, I haven’t tried to intervene. I’ve always wondered if it would change anything.

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maybe you can say “you had a messed up dream, and it felt real, so just be careful.” I don’t know if it would change anything, but maybe you can see if it does?

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Both people know I’m a witch, and they know I’ve had visions that came true (so far I have never been wrong about death visions), which is why I hesitate. I just can’t imagine how they would handle having me tell them that I know how they’re going to die, when they know I’m telling the truth. I honestly don’t think I have it in me to describe it to them, should they ask. This is a great question you’ve brought up, because I care about these people and feel a moral obligation to tell them, but I am also concerned about their well being upon hearing it. In both cases, it’s pretty awful. Plus, as you’ve suggested, it could change things. Fuck. I guess, maybe you have to tell people. I don’t know. Either way, I’m glad you brought this up.

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I once had a nightmare - I woke up soaked in sweat and screaming - about a friend of a friend, who I didn’t know well and hadn’t even thought about in months. I knew something was wrong. But I didn’t call our mutual friend to have someone check on him because I was sure our friend would think I’d finally lost it and just ignore the call.

The subject of my nightmare died alone in his home a few hours after I woke up. That was 10 years ago, and I’ll regret it for the rest of my life, since ONE phone call could have given his loved ones a chance to say goodbye before he died. And I didn’t make that call.


That’s horrible, I’m so sorry.

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Personally no, when I use to I would just do things differently as even the smallest change in action can alter the future and its course.

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About 2 years before I got pregnant with my first child, I had a dream that I was holding a clear bag that contained 5 goldfish. They were all swimming around gleefully when one jumped out of the bag and flopped around on the ground and died. I didn’t pay attention much to the dream, but it always bothered me for some reason. Fast forward 2 years, I get married, and got pregnant shortly thereafter. During the pregnancy, I had a dream I was inside of my own womb cradling my child. Again, the dream bothered me, but I didn’t understand why until a few months later when my child died shortly after she was born. (the fish that jumped out of the bag from the first dream) I’m not so sure a spell would have prevented her death, but had she not have passed away, I wouldn’t have my four babies now (the other 4 fish swimming in the bag). I do miss her dearly, but I’m grateful for the babies I have now also. There are just some instances where you shouldn’t mess with certain situations because you never know what will happen afterwards.

I’m not saying don’t try, because to each their own…but from my experience, it’s best not to do anything to prevent certain things from happening.

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Now all you can do is learn, that next time you can make that call. but sometimes we don’t how to handle or deal with it at the time, don’t beat yourself up–if you are!

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My husband did of my death, and pulled me out of it. Later smudged the house and other stuff. I lost myself and got mixed up with the wrong people.

(I probably would have died if he didn’t do that.)

what do you think would have happened? or you’d rather not. sometimes, i think it might be best to try… with some things/people? i want to start a family with my girlfriend (soon to be wife), so sometimes i get worried

It was much worse than I let on…this guy was one of those people who was everyone’s best friend. Everyone loved him. And while he did have an underlying medical issue that hadn’t been detected, it’s possible I could have saved him. But I didn’t make that phone call, and a lot of people lost their best friend in one fell swoop.

How do you know that those things aren’t supposed to happen?

would you be willing to share the other stuff?

I made amulets that I ended up using because they were used. Salting anything they gave me that had charge. I had to uncross for a month on and off until my hair stopped falling out. I also did an egg cleanse but that was good for finding out I had a lot of guardians.

Azazel also contacted my dad telling him this was serious in through the mind.

In the end I became stronger and discovered who I was.


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great job!