Anyone ever feel this?

i don’t want give much details, but i don’t do drugs, mushrooms etc,
so anybody ever feel something like this ? For an instant i almost lose control and close my eyes, like sleep, and feel this (img) 4/5 cables in my head(front), and after this i freak out, ofcourse.

Sry for english, br here :sweat_smile:.


Sounds like an active/activating 3rd eye to me :slightly_smiling_face:
That’s how it feels for me sometimes.

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When I took mushrooms with my girlfriend at the time; I sough her with face paint and a headdress.
The paint was vertical going down the centers of her brow and cheek.
And had some fancy lines around her jaw.

Are you…related to Cthulu…by any chance?


Yes, third eye is activating.

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hahah thanks guys! :heart:️:heart:️

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Funny same thing happened to me about a week back. Those cables! Exactly how I felt. :sunglasses:

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