Anyone ever feel alone

Finding it hard to integrate to society because there are no like-minded people/too many empty vessels with no spiritual values?


My sense of alone is slightly on the side of mind disconnect with this life (my own fault) but it also kind of helps where I dont really look for like-minded people but rather I always wonder what spiritual and non spiritual things go on in the lives of those around me.

To me they may seem “normies” on the outside but I always wonder what various wonders go on in their mind, their soul, their lives, and so forth.

So I guess my lonesome is kinda a good thing? maybe because like-minded people are nice to be around but they’re often open books (which sometimes isnt interesting) while those not so like minded just feel more full?


It’s part of venturing in world of esoterica , because 90% of populations mind is confined to 3D world


Or, it’s part of being human, not really to do with any idea of dimensions, just a thought. Some things can be explained as easy as that.


He asked about loneliness in the context of spirituality

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Humans and spirituality aren’t really all that separate but I don’t see how a new age idea of dimensions and such play into it was my point lol. The 90% is too big of an assumption btw because that assumes you know what they do in their personal lives and their own spirituality, and that’s assuming you’re not part of that 90% :thinking:


I answered the question , feel free to answer it how you want

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I mean to be fair he asked if you felt so you didn’t exactly answer you more or so just said 90% of the world is in some new age mentality of 3D lol js lol

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I said it’s part of venturing into esoterica , implying i felt what he’s feeling , but since every comment I leave you just say new age , say what you want

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I hope this doesn’t come off as rude but if you’re finding it hard to integrate into society because of your spiritual/mystic beliefs, is it possible you’re scaring people away by being too open about them?

Or, perhaps I misunderstood and you are simply talking about a general feeling of loneliness because you look at the people around you and can’t imagine them having the same spiritual thoughts or experiences as you.

Do I feel lonely? Sometimes. I have an online friend who I share certain beliefs with and we discuss it a lot between ourselves. I have BALG and several friends here who I can share my thoughts with, although I don’t necessarily think anyone else here precisely holds my same exact worldview (which isn’t a bad thing).

I have a handful of irl friends who are pretty open, or at least not entirely closed off, to things like new thought (new age)/general “spiritual” stuff, mostly because (as far as I know) their experiences of enlightenment come from taking a lot of psychedelic drugs. :stuck_out_tongue: But as far as I know they’re more generically “spiritual” (like “whoa, man, the universe is a like a dream and stuff and we’re all totally connected with nature”) and no one I know irl actively practices anything.

If all else fails I just talk to myself. :stuck_out_tongue:


I didn’t even say 3D mentality , I said 3D world, 3 dimensional , as in physics ,are you good ?

Don’t worry I’m just giving you a hard time :blush:

Are you good?

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That’s normal for people who are era beyond their time. And it’s human nature to feel alone as it’s one of the basic feelings /emotions. Anyone who have different view points will always feel alone among those with different views.

Those who interact with you that don’t have same interest/beliefs makes one feel different.

This is why people fake or lie to self. They want acceptance and to be in a group. They will agree just to fit in. Only the strong will embrace being alone because they don’t follow the crowd. Too many people compromise themselves just to feel that belonging. It can be learning same subjects or following the current fad in whatever field. Not many are willing to pave their own path. Too many follow other’s path just cuz others are doing it.

Alone is a good thing. It helps you learn about yourself. quiet time. Once you accept it as part of life. It won’t stress you out. Society is what you make of it. Your perceive view is your perspective. You live for yourself not to fit in to society. Just be you.

Who cares about them empty vessels. Just keep developing self. Being spiritual is part of life lessons too. No one ever said it was easy to be different and walk a lonely path. All spiritual journey is a journey taken alone. That’s the nature of the beast.


Yeah I do often feel alone in my own life tbh and lots of people just aren’t going to be interested in things I might want to discuss or be scared of it which is why I come here so I have company and be more open without having to watch what I say and inviting unwelcome assumptions

I find it frustrating but work with it by trying to understand their methods of tackling their own shit - I wanna know what they believe and why and sometimes find ideas I can incorporate into my own practice from it


Yeah agreed. Lonely because I have nobody to talk about with in terms of spirituality. They look at me like I’m crazy. And i feel that the more i suppress my ideas, i end up like a blackhole, not being able to expand.

What about if all the people would talk about stuff they already know rather than things they don’t know about? For instance, talking about how their cat craps every hour and having to go shopping with Becky, gossiping about other people, etc - rather than generating theories about the world we live in and about things we may not see but may exist? Different viewpoints are great but believe it or not, most people depending on your environment do not have the brain capacity to discuss ideas with you.

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I know how it feels to not have people care about philosophy, to feel alone and all of that stuff. I live near the coast, so I know all about the so called “coastal elite” they give up everything to live worse than a monk, and they think they are doing it for some higher purpose. Like, all intellect, and ignore the spiritual.

I’ve seen how messed up those people can get and how they can literally drive others crazy. One day, they can kick you out of their club because they have made themselves so emotionally reactive they do not realize how messed up they are anymore.

I also know how hard it is to talk about the spiritual, in particular, the shadow work and demons. I don’t want to frighten people away, but at the same time, I have this realization that I need to get closer to people. Its like, how do you know who to talk to, how do you know what to say, how do you prevent everything from just getting worse.


I mean realistically, I don’t think there is ever a human on earth that doesn’t feel alone at some point in their lives.