Anyone ever experience this?

A couple of nights ago i had a dream it started out where i was sleeping then all of a sudden i had this urge to scream, and i did scream but it was a silent scream cause no one else woke up in the house when i screamed. It was such a scream that i felt power expanding it was like dark bubbles Growing/Expanding in my mind it felt like it was taking me someplace else and when i woke i felt a burst of energy explode from me…

This is like the third time within 2 months Ive felt strange energies interact with me while i sleep First time there was a giant sphere of enegry pressing against my back it was strong and i awoke to fight it off i used my energy to push it away im not sure if i did or if it merged with me.

and the second was a couple of weeks ago i was sleeping and i saw and felt a green energy tube enter through my crown chakra.

anyone else have any experiences like these?

Yep. Had a dream once where I screamed for absolutely no reason. It wasn’t out of fear or in reaction to anything, it was just an impulse or compulsion.

No idea why. Perhaps it was like some sort of tuning fork.

When I had Belial as a companion, I once woke up screaming his name.