Anyone else?

Anyone else wish they’d get an introduction from spirits and entities in their dreams? Whenever I eventually have a dream and somebody deigns to show up, I never get a name to try and get hold of them again.

Any advice appreciated as to how to improve this.


I think you’re restricting yourself by only wanting psychic experiences through your dreams?

At any rate you can try sleeping with a charged sigil under your pillow, make a request during an evocation, or make a witch’s jar for psychic powers and keep it under your bed.

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Do I wish I could get an introduction in my dreams? Absolutely, in fact I wish I could get a 2 hour feature-film presentation from a spirit in my dreams. Sadly it doesn’t work like that.
Try keeping a dream journal and write down every little detail you can remember when you wake up. You’ll find that it’ll become easier to remember dreams as you do this. Also, you’ll always be able to use these forums for advice and direction on information from your dreams.


Don’t use dreams , try another means of contact such as scrying .

I get plenty of experiences, but dreams are the only time I can hear more than white noise or see more than flickering shadows.
Thanks for the advice though, I’ll give it a go.

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I usually remember my dreams, although I’ll start writing them down as you suggest.
Thanks for the advice.

I have a pendulum and a scrying bowl I just don’t get on well with them, trying to get hold of an obsidian mirror to give that a go.

Oh yes! Some of the demons will make sure I know them with sigils and names! Vassago kept shoving his sigil up my face until I recognised it, before I even know him! It works well with spirits who specialises in psychic abilities! The thing is not all will take the time to force the identity details on you!
If am working with them I will subconsciously recognise them in the dream! The others will try dropping hints! I trained myself to keep asking for a name from any person who drops in but the names they speak of is not even recognizable! I got some weird hints that I didn’t figure out who! Like “I rule over your guides”, “the nameless one”, “god of xxx” :woman_shrugging:
The stuff I can recognise on my own is the vibration the entity is on! Like how they carry themselves! If I buzz when they get closer means its an angel! If the buzz is really laud and my energy light up its higher ranking angel!
If I feel paranoid in front of them its a fae! Its just my reaction to the fae…
:thinking: what I did is sigils for knowing the spirit that I encounter! I did a lot of sigils for knowledge so I guess something worked since I get hints at the least!

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Do what works best for you then, keep trying experiments and expand on the best results

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I get like that with the fae, some may think demons are the ones to watch out for…nope it’s the fae for me.

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