Anyone else work with Prince Stolas?

I was watching a Styxxhexenhammer666 video where he gives his account of an experience with Stolas, and it intrigued me because I had a similar one. He describes the visual as appearing like the depiction in the Ars Goetia, and as not speaking or interacting. I found this extremely interesting because it was very similar to mine.

I don’t get visuals in a literal, physical manifestation sense. If it ever happens it always looks like the thing is trying to push through a gossamer veil into full visual, but never quite gets there. Stolas does not appear to me like the Ars Goetia picture, but it is some owl-like avian. I thought it was more like a large, oddly proportioned, bio-mech version of the clockwork owl from the original “Clash of the Titans”. Vocally a weird one, too. Think of a turkey with a sore throat trying to goggle out an expressive thought into a scarf covering it’s mouth. Something like that, and totally indecipherable.

Working with Stolas is a very intuitive experience for me, because of said ‘communication barrier’. Reading a book about herb lore and then buying the herbs and working with them is not going to get far with Stolas, but actually going out into the woods and locating, observing, handling, maybe even transplanting and growing them from seed can yield amazing results. Things just pop into my head during these hands-on sessions, in such a way that I can determine that it is not always just my mind. Pretty cool.

I am running on a theory that Stolas is not in fact a daemon in the sense that many other goetics are, but that he is a very high-tier nature spirit of some kind. It would explain aspects of the behavior and the nature of communication. The energy felt during a working with Stolas is unique to me, too. It always seems like when he comes calling, if there are animals around they start to get active, especially in the woods.

So, guys, have any of you worked with Stolas? If so, what where your experiences or take on the above?


He came through for me yesterday - and had that croaky gurgly kind of voice. I saw him as an owl figure, long thin legs. I also felt a heavy forest type energy, cool in temperature and heard his voice with a crackling white noise feedback in the background. I didn’t expect him, he seemed quite calm, kind and rational. I liked his frequency. Haven’t asked him for anything yet but when I do, I’ll let you know!

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