Anyone else get 'The Wobbles'?

Hi. Working my way through sigil magick, I have been calling upon Mepsitahl to empower my abilities and recently, in addition to more intense ‘static rain’ I also feel as though I am swaying from side to side. If I focus on this motion, it seems to get more intense…but I don’t think I am actually physically moving. I recall that EA in the Mastering Evocation course casually mentions a ‘wobbly state’.

Anyone else experience this, and could the more enlightened articulate what is happening, and if there is anything else I should do to maybe intensify the experience, for example. I must admit, I do occasionally feel a bit freaked out by it…like I am possessed, or something.

That happens to me when I meditate, you feel like “disoriented” I mean forget your “position” and believe for a moment you are in another?

I do every time, but with practice you get used to it. I think its just the effect of way more energy coursing through your body than youre generally used to. I used to associate it with low blood sugar, and I still think that has a bit to do with it, as EA’s “eat a sammich to come down” advice always works for me

The first time I went to this thing was after a very long meditation while being high.

The day after, the “thing” stayed with me, it was like an absolute loving feminine energy inside me (I’m a guy) moving my hands like an hindi dancer. I’ve noticed that it has the ability to lessen pain for others as well.

Now, much more recently, I feel precisely what you described. I’m not sure it’s the same “thing”, but yeah when I meditate I feel I’m moving from one side to another, then perpendicular to it, as if my body is pendulum!

It’s feel good doing this. And it happens during meditation-time, so during a moment we have designed to be strenghtening for us, we don’t have any reason to be concerned by this thing.

Enjoy, follow the flow and look where it’ll lead you.

Ah and I learnt just a week ago about New-Agers naming this non-conscious-dance-movement “Tandava”. But searching on the internet only led me to the traditional Tandava, the Shiva’s dance which destruct the Illusion, so I don’t know much more about.


Well from my experience with Sigil Magick, I literally DO start shaking and my hands will start moving uncontrollably in front of me…I just go with it!

Many thanks all for your comments. I’ll definitely just try to unwind and let go with the flow :slight_smile:

This has always happened to me since I first started meditating.It’s always felt natural to me,and is a sign I’m getting into that deep trance we all seek.Also watch some videos of monks and hindus chanting and singing,they all rock and sway back and forth so it’s a universal thing.Keep it up!

I began experiencing this effect way more tonight through chanting the 2nd incantation. I began to move and rock back/forth as my words turned into gibberish. Perhaps my words may have had some meaning…who knows. felt as if something was directing me to speak them out loud.

powerful feeling nevertheless

It is the physical body responding to the frequency of the spiritual aura, it bounces every time there is a peak in the frequency. Just my thought on it though

SVE, I’m finding it hard to discipline myself to memorise that second conjuration. Its complex!

I generally feel my equilibrium goes out of whack like The room is on an elevator, everything looks steady but feels like its moving. After a ritual its hard to focus my thoughts or complete a sentence without throwing in a dozen uh’s and uhms.