Anyone else feel like the world would be better if Lucifer was the supreme being?

We all have seen what management by Archons/Christian god is like. I think while may not be perfect I think Lucifer is a far greater supreme being than… whoever is in charge.

I keep thinking back to the American election between Clinton and Trump. Clinton was the “imperfect friend”. I think that at no least we would be the same if not better with Lucifer as the supreme being.

In this instance Lucifer is that “imperfect friend”. He may not grant you every wish or anything at all but he to me would be a far greater ruler than whoever is running things now.

It’s a shame we can’t “elect” Lucifer unless we as a human species all decided to do it. Voting for your leader really is a privilege!


Wouldn’t that be just as bad as the Christians who think everybody should be Christian, or the Muslims that think everyone should be Muslim?

God or Allah or Lucifer, it is the exact same type of thinking: that “your” supreme being is the best supreme being for everybody.


Clinton an imperfect friend…? Shit, she was so horny for WW3. Doesn’t count as friend in my book.

Also, there’s no need for me to comment on further. Since DarkestKnight wrote that which I was thinking myself☝️


Becoming the Surpeme Being of your own creation is actually the luciferian way, and will in one sense seat Luciferian ideas (as some understand them) in the throne of power.

Just using a concept of Lucifer who tells us what to do now the troll is dead and religions falling apart would be to replace one set of bars with another set.

I won’t comment on Clinton beyond the verifiable fact Kek supports Trump, and there is a comparison to be drawn between Kek and Lucifer, at least Lucifer as a current, and as the isolate consciousnessa arising from chaos.


I see now. And if you work with Belial you will learn to be your own master.

The best rule is no chains or bars at all.

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That is half of the reason I went down this path