Anyone else experience this when calling sargatanas

So I summoned sargatanas to carry out a task for me and I don’t know if it’s just me, but I have experienced this before. After chanting his enn I have this feeling of pins and needles across my arm and back along with a slight warmth and creeks in the background.

Does anyone else get these feelings.

Seems normal, but I can’t say yes because I’ve never worked with this entity.

Agreed. n @Jnomadik This is one way for a witch to perceive the summoned entity. Some see, some hear, some sense, etc.

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Also a sensation of fluster, almost like a wave of heaviness and warmth.


The more rituals and evocations you do, the better you’ll get at distinguishing the energies of different beings.


I have to be honest tho. I’ve only ever called sargatanas once before and this was the same exact feeling I got then. So I’m guessing it’s unique to him. Also dantalion has a very unique sensation for me, his is more of a heat blowing on my face with a I’m gonna faint kind of feel. But leaves me feeling very relaxed and sleepy.

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See!! You’re already tuning into the energies of ritual. I’m actually burning incense to Dantalion right now… he and his energy are great!!

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Dude damn, I was just reading a thread that ended up focusing on King Paimon whom I just started working with. Anyway, I kept reading and scrolling down, and then guess what I see the thread switching to duke dantalion. Lmao! I guess I am being called upon by duke Dantalion or that King Paimon is asking me to call upon him.

Interesting thought… got to meditate on it.

and sorry @Jnomadik kinda stole your thread

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What a coincidence:) I love dantalion. I’ve had rough patches with him where he’s kicked my ass a little if I did not full fill promises or completely ignore him, he likes to let you know and he will trust me! But let me say this, the moment you offer him something from the heart and apologise you can sense his forgiving ness right away! It’s like the noose has been cut a huge sense of peace.

He likes getting the job done too. Very fast and loyal to the summoner. He’s the very first demon I called, bare in mind I was terrified of summoning spirits before I started but when I saw dantalions sigil I just felt a peace! he was for sure calling me. And the very first ritual I did with him he delivered in 3 days and made this particular female completley obsessed with me. I feel sorry for the poor girl :joy: dantalion doesn’t play!


He’s thrown me around a bit too, but nothing to harsh.

I was going to write, “I love Dantalion and his energy” and then he goes, “do you really love me?” So I decided I wasn’t going to go down that rabbit hole and changed my words. But I posted and then thought that’s wrong, I do love him though.

I had a very similar experience with him. I wasn’t “terrified,” but he’d been calling me for a while by the time I finally felt desperate enough. And I’m so happy I did call him.

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Shall I tell you what I’ve learnt in the last 2 years. When summoning demons or any entity for that matter. Succumb to it. Don’t think. Don’t doubt. Whole heartedly dive in and succumb during evocation! and speak with intent. Breath in deep if you have to, any thing that’s on your mind say, dantalion knows your thoughts anyways. They love openness and to see that your genuine in your call to them.

I used to be timid when I called dantalion and put calling him off for a long time but it wasn’t until I gave in so to speak and stop fighting the resistance that things started happening.

Be relaxed and talk to them like a friend, as if your talking to someone sat next to you who you can tell all your problems and worries to.

Be friends with them and I promise when you want something done it’ll happen with ease. They won’t mess you about!