Anyone deal with the same thing with visions?

hello my name is Anuuel (spirit name). I have been studying satanism, and demonolatry for 2 years now.

I currently am working with Andras, Beelzebub, and Lucifer. My studies are black magic, and death magic one day. I am having visions of beings, and this is how to explain them.

feather beings- chiseled bodies usually feather overlap their skin. Their bodies are chiseled, and toned. Some of them have human bodies, but a raven and or bird as a head. Most of these beings when appearing carry a sword. They tell me they are there to watch over me. I can see them clear as day when they come, but in my minds eye. They are never threatening. they have chicken feet as legs. their eyes are black, and red depending how i feel at the moment.

imp, or mini orc- He’s around 2-3ft tall. He has a pointy nose, his smile is very wide. He wears red shoes, but the shoes look renaissance period. he has wide ears. His eyes are bright blue. He seems to visit me more during the day.

Energy pockets- sometimes a corner of the room i can sense a energy, but it is like a “mass” in one corner of the room even though there is nothing there. Its like someone is standing there.

anyone have visions of spirits too? What helps you connect more? what is your experiences?

thank you.

The astral is a busy place, and when you do magical work it attracts attention. But most of these observers are casual, and not all are friendly. I see them in meditation and they’re interesting to look at so I tend to stare, and they fade off when they realise I’ve seen them.

I don’t usually get any feelings of aggression from them, they’re pretty neutral and maybe just surprised. I don’t see them as messengers or beings I should talk to, for that I stick to only the entities I have explicitly invited, which are higher beings with the skills and understanding to teach me things:

I think these are normal astral entities like fae and V such that only know so much, like us. So it’sa bit like starting conversations with ordinary people on the street.

Energy pockets are different, these are all sorts of things from human ghosts to land effects to again, fae. Ghosts I get rid of.

You can talk to all of these telepathically, which is more like clairsentience than clairsudience. You just direct a question in your mind and wait to see if you get an idea of a reply. :slight_smile:


I once encountered a fairly odd little being that could be called an imp or gremlin…thing.

It wasnt very smart. It had it’s mouth on my head salivating like a dopey dog and got offended when it heard my thoughts. “NOT STUPID!!!”


One of the weirder things I’ve experienced for sure.

It kind of fucked off after it got bored though. Ain’t seen it since.


Thank you for your messages and words.

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