Anybody speak with my Dad Leviathan what’s he like?

It’s all in the title

I medidated on him during my Satanic days. His energy left me a little dizzy. That’s all really.

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Met him, met the council he’s in, asked if I could eat one of his creations/leviathans then that’s the last time we really spoke casually. Mainly because I experienced all the infernal I wanted and moved on.


I havent met him but I evoke his powers often for my ritual consecration rite. The Rite Of 5 Satans

I’ve seen her as female actually

Leviathan comes as a feminine entity too and she is marvellous.

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He was the first I contacted after I saw him a few times in dreams. I wanted to get rid of a coworker, he told me in dream he could do it.
I invoked him to ask him to do it, and his energy was intense on me. He granted my wish, and that’s thanks to him I started to practice seriously the occult and change side for the LHP. (I was a wiccan at first)

I have had experiences with the Emperor Leviathan, divinity of water and west. One thing I want to denote right off the bat is that Leviathan doesn’t really have a gender binding since they manifest as whatever you will be more comfortable with. However, I have met Leviathan as a male, so I will refer to him as he here. First off, I want to say if you are not ready to have your psyche completely evaluated, do not work with him. He will find the roots of all of your traumas and insecurities, and make you face them head on. Leviathan is AMAZING with understanding emotions. Just recently I had an experience where I had been worrying about someone, and he was able to completely pick apart who it was and the base root of the problem. Then he helped walk me through healing that insecurity. He is great for those who need help with trauma or psychology. But, I wouldn’t recommend him for someone just starting out. He’s an Emperor and an incredibly powerful one at that. You must show him an incredible amount of respect. Generally he is very quiet and when he talks he is extremely stern. But, there has been a few occasions where he will let me joke and maybe slip one out himself which is always a pleasure since he has a great sense of humor so long as he is in the mood. To me he was a mentor figure at first, but then as I let my guard down and really allowed him to help me he took on a more fatherly energy with me. Something else amazing about him is he is very protective. I have had people send nasty things my way, and Leviathan always protects me from these nasty energies and helps me with warding against them. All in all, if you feel you are responsible enough to work with Emperor Leviathan, go for it. He is incredible in all of his power.


Btw this guy is no longer on the forum

She (and often Belial) come across more feminine to me. Today she told me to embrace my painful emotions and be thankful that I’m living a human life with all its beautiful possibilities. So simple but I really needed to hear it as I have been feeling a little numb lately… probably because I have been avoiding emotions I need to allow myself to feel.

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