Anybody know what these entities are/have they visited you before?

I’d like to know if anybody has seen these entities during sleep paralysis. I have definitely been visited by them multiple times. They always fed off of my energy and fear. This image is from a video of a person who was also visited by these beings. The person in the video describes them as “not made of solid, made out of static electricity and they’re always in three’s.” I haven’t been visited by them anymore in years but I always wondered what they are. I’m aware there’s different types of astral parasites and such. The person in the video claims they are aliens though, but I think they’re astral parasites.

Nowadays I’m sometimes visited by other types of parasites but they don’t show themselves to me. They hide in a very heavy thick darkness and I never seem to be afraid of them. However they still seem to drain me massively. Actually very recently these parasites visited me again during sleep paralysis and drained me of my energy. And for the past few days I’ve been feeling very fatigued and cloudy. Even as I was cleaning around the house today I was barely able to because of how tiring it was. I haven’t used protection (salt) because I am experimenting stuff here and there.

I used to see something similar when I was younger, same shape but appeared like a black mass. When I think back, they were around at my lowest points mentally, which makes me think of parasites.

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Shadow people

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That will not be easy to figure out , you should perform a banishing ritual , an LBRP would suffice .

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Interesting. I’ve definitely seen those too. Were you ever afraid of them? Do you think they (astral parasites in general) aren’t considered parasites if they feed on you when your energy is happy and confident content etc?

Is that what these certain entities are known as? Are they considered parasites or something else?

Sorry for my ignorance but what does LBRP stand for? I will definitely perform a banishing ritual soon.

Lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram .

Got it, thanks man!

Np , feel free to ask more questions .

I guess so, you can read the Shadownomicon D.H. Thorn

:thinking: I have seen some made of fire, one made of water, black mass that feels like liquid leather! And the invisible ones! I didn’t see the electricity one! I assumed they are some kind of an elemental! The black one tried to scare me but to me it was funny and amusing that he just couldn’t feed… we made peace because I realised my visualisation strength…
I cant say for sure if they are parasitic or not because they seem to do what i want and like to watch people or stalk them! They’re creepy for sure because of the lake of communication!