Anybody know anything about this symbol?

Or maybe it’s part of some sort of ritual? So during my weekly offering to Lucifer I basically told him that I was open and willing to receive any or whatever message he had for me. Prior to that I’ve been asking him for guidance on designing my own circle. So since then (this past Sunday) I keep seeing this picture in my head. (I drew it as best as I could, don’t judge me lol!!) It’s a triangle and the circles are would be candles. It’s strange. Like when I do see jt its on a floor in a room thats completely dark except for the 3 candles. This is what leads me to believe its some sort of ritual maybe? Idk. Maybe its something do with the circle? Any ideas? Thanks yall!! Be safe out there!!

Maybe a candle on each of the points? Makes sense.


Only thing that comes to mind, though not excatly the same.