Anybody heard of a female spirit with blue skin and orange eyes?

I’m curious if this spirit can be identified by anyone.

Huh reminds me of a character from xmen. Although the figure Neith came to my mind. She birthed light and dark so the blue skin and orange eyes may be similar to her.


The Hindu goddess Kali, perhaps?

Or a dakini:


Funny you mention that, I was trying to remember the name of the X-men character as well. A long time ago I dreamed of a female with blue skin and she was attacking a Viking looking man and we were somewhere with lots of snow, lol

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Blue skin woman fighting norsemen? Reminds me of the story of a female Jotnar. The characteristics is very much nordic and giantish.

I’ve seen Kali with blue skin, but then I’ve seen many Hindu with blue skin or orange skin. Though not those color eyes.