Anybody have a cool relationship with a spirit? Which one?

The demon that seems most ready and willing to work with me ( and I with him ) is probably Orias. Seer, Amducius, Dantalion, King Paimon, Gremori, and Bune are good to me as well. Orias ( which I pronounce as Awe-Ree-Az, and it seems to please him ) seems to have a certain affinity for me and working with me. His presence always feels very reminiscent of an opioid high and starts as I’m giving the call. I can feel him getting closer and closer as I give the call, it seems to start on my left ( as if he is approaching from the west ) and when I have given the full call, using the names of God ( El, Elohim, Adonai, Eh-Yeh Asher Eh Yeh, El Shadai, Ellyon, and Ee Yah Hoe Way Shamah ( meaning “God who is present” ), and his corresponding angels ( Harakel, Harakeevahell, Rakekeeyell, and Chachemeeyell ) As I complete the call, the feeling is almost overwhelming and almost knee-buckling. I take this as a good sign he wants to work with me and likes it when I evoke him. It feels as if we have a mutual affinity ( given the demons I mentioned, you can probably guess that my focus, as of now, is manipulation of others to do and give me what I want. I also want to get to know these spirits better as individuals, I don’t “use and dump”


I work with the various energies of Faerie. Why? Because the first time I invoked it I got a strange feeling that felt alot like nostalgia and I need to know why.


I don’t blame you for wanting to know why you get that feeling of nostalgia when working with the Fey. Be prepared for your research and seeking the answers ( asking the Fey themselves, among many ways ) of this knowledge to raise more questions than it answers, as is so often the case in the occult. If I may venture a guess, it could be that they have been with you since childhood, or even birth, patiently waiting for you to open up to them and communicate and work with them. May I ask how you contact and communicate with them, and which are good to work with ( and their specialties ), which to avoid ( I hear that some are quite nasty ), and how to tell which is which? I haven’t worked with them, but would like to know how


There’s a concept that works. It’s about building bridges and making real friendships.

I have a question for you is it ok to pm you later about it. Something you said about Orias made me wonder.

Kali, she has been like a mother to me and is currently the one I trust the most

Michael, he saved my life

Lucifer, because I believe I felt his love for me, even though currently I don’t trust him a lot

Yahweh, he blessed me in my past, same as Jesus

The other 6 Archangels, they saved my life too

The various Hindu gods, I believe they care for me even though I have difficulty trusting them currently

Belial, he’s like a friend to me I believe


Thanks for your post strengthened warrior. I’m glad to hear about your experience.

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Thanks for allowing me to write this

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I suppose I have a “cool” relationship with two particular spirits.

One being Lilith, since despite my intial non-intention to work with her - I ended up working with her, and haven’t regretted it.

The other being my own spiritual companion/partner. She has been around alot longer, and was my first introduction into anything spiritual, and was the reason I ended up getting into the occult in the first place. She had also been a huge support in rough times, but also shown to use “tough love” or push me to grow when needed.

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Hecate. Constant guidance and protection even if I’m not actively seeking it. Great ideas for simple but effective rituals especially in the astral. Shows me the way to the best spirits that fit my needs. Intense shadow work.

Aset. Unconditional love. Self love and empowerment. The art of joy.

Raphael. Subtle emotional healing and guidance.

Marbas. Instant physical healing whenever I need it. Guides me with my homoeopathic practice. He’s present in sessions with my patients. He answers with the best remedy suggestions when I’m contemplating a patient outside sessions. I retrieve my knowledge of homoeopathic remedies with much more ease. It’s amazing. I wish I had known him while studying and doing exams.

Hathor. Compassion. Helped me be a calmer and less tense mother.

Paimon. Always points me towards possible contracts for my company. I call him in tough meetings with clients, he sure knows how to sell.

Belial. Revived my will and drive towards success that has been fading out for almost 2 years. Kicks me in the ass and constantly reminds me of my worth that has been crushed for almost two years. Cunning tactic and don’t give a fuck about whoever doesn’t serve me right.

Shiva. The daily dose of deep trance, chakra and energy work.

Melek Taus: a short relationship but I know the effects will stay for long. He actually guided me to work with Shiva. I call him every few weeks to keep the link. The knowledge he gives is powerful.

Ganesh. The daily dose of powerful grounded energy. Perseverance and calm vigilance.

Gremory. Reminded me how much I cherish my sexuality and body. Revived my shameless lust that has been subdued or toyed with the past couple of years. She helped restore my sense of self. Very pleasant.

Rashoon. Our relationship is new but I’ve learnt a lot in a very short time. I plan on working with her for a while. Confident subtle seduction and a deep sense of comfort within my own skin.

Bastet. Playfulness and sensuality.

Michael. Raw powerful protection.


Those are some well developed relationships that really exalt you. That’s what I’m trying to build now in my practice…a structure of relationships…real good my friend thanks for taking the time to share this.

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Lucifer :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: 2 years ago I got a calling from him , since then I feel like he literally lives with me ! I fight with him sometimes , then say sorry when I realise my mistake ! He’s a true blessing in my life

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That would be Lilith. Though I don’t consider a cool one, far from it but rather a very deep one. She’s the reason why I never gave up when I was at my lowest in my life point. The reasons by her words to start new beginnings. The reasons I fully seen the much better person I was by heart. Such a motherly figure to me and always will be.

A cool relationship would be with two my succubus who frequently visit me anytime I conduct my magic works and any meditation when I happen to need some minor or more assistance with them. Such a pair of cool ladies who are always eager to assist with whatever I need regarding my practices. They’re very understanding, highly lovable with their unique personalities, passionate. All in all my two best friends in spiritual forms. I never get tired of feeling their energy around me which always feels so comforting. This goes for all my succubus I work with and there’s no way I couldn’t mention just my two, all of them.

It’s just that both A and Z are the ones who frequently visit me while my other ladies are out there doing there own things and only visit If I would really need them to. Not mentioning their full names out of resepect and Z is extremely picky about revealing any names to others. Just a pair of awsome ladies. The advice the they throw at me is something I always appreciate to the max. Neither one hesitates to me let me know if I’m doing something wrong that gets their quick attention. Gives me the dedication that I have to keep improving my communication with them. Even though they’re not always with me I still feel the protective love they’ve all shown me. I thank Lilith for such grate teachers they are and companions at the same.

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All right that’s a very intimate post thank you for sharing how the spirits have added to your life.

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@Spiritual_Dan I have a succubi that’t been in my life for a long time. They can be incredible companions and friends in regards to a lot of magical practices. I’m just curious, with the two that you work with do you think they’d been sent by Lilith since you have such a close relationship with her as well or did they come to you of their own accord. I would also be interested to know if your ladies have taken an interest in other areas of your life aside from sexual energy? I know they survive off of it but I’ve noticed in my workings that succubi and incubi have an extremely intellectual side and they tend to be rather opinionated.

The one I’ve known for so long actually chimes in a lot to give me advice on daily matters and has shown me a very diverse and complex side of her. I’ve become intrigued by A’s perspectives and personality.

Either way, They sound like wonderful friends.



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