Anybody have a cool relationship with a spirit? Which one?

Id like to start a thread about the relationships we build with spirits. Which ones, why,ect. Share your experiences with having a “cool” relationship with a spirit.

I’ll start, man I have I cool :sunglasses: relationship with Prince Orobas. I was attracted to him in the beginning by reading a story about him from Lon Milo Duquette. I’m happy to report that Prince Orobas exceeded all my hopes. Having a relationship with him through the years has been awesome. I knew right away he was the one. He’s been a friend and a mentor and patron to me.


With the sidhe, why? Because I chose to form one.

With various goetia, why? Because I worked there in projection for some time and figured why not form a relationship with your “co-workers”

With the Djinn, why? Because Azazel brought me there to their home realm and I wanted to.

Various primordial deities, why, legit because I wanted to.

The experiences of each one takes too much time to really type out on phone while I’m at work :speaking_head:


Velenos that’s actually pretty cool man. Thanks for getting the thread rolling.

President Valac has always been a fantastic spirit and the first of all goetia spirits I have worked with. Started working with him in 2018 and have known him since then. There is a lot more in mine and Valac’s relationship but it’s personal and I am not going to share it :slight_smile: I have always been drawn to Valac and lol


Oh that’s cool man. Way to go. Yeah there’s Alot I can’t share either even I wanted to. The relationship has to have some privacy I agree with you.

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I don’t know how cool my relationship with spirits is and whether this definition fits me.

But for example I have a very “long” relationship with Astaroth (including my physical and spiritual life). And I can’t say that this is an ideal relationship, but it makes it possible, in a certain way, to grow internally, realizing your problems and prospects, and also to know yourself.

With King Paimon, the relationship is really productive and “working”, as he helped me a lot in the knowledge of my past life (and helps now), as well as in creativity (which is especially significant for me).

Well, and, probably, initially “cool” relations I have with those spirits from the Fiery World with which my essence/soul is connected (I refer to them as “brothers”).


That’s Awesome, I don’t know astaroth personally but I do know King Paimon and he’s really cool to work with.


I have really close relationships with a number of entities. I won’t approach a spirit unless I have the underlying intention of building a meaningful relationship over time. This had led to a lot of indescribable experiences. For the sake of not turning this into a rant, I’ll focus on my Patron and my Matron for now.

I’ve worked with Belial for awhile now. I had his sigil tattooed on my ribs and dedicated the blood to him. He’s gotten me out of more nasty situations than I can count and has introduced me to spirits that I’d never heard of but who have proven themselves many times over. He’s my protector, but more than that he’s a mentor and family to me. I can’t praise Belial enough for his aide.

My Matron is The Morrigan. She was introduced by a mentor that I’d had many years ago. After an initiatory rite her presence was solidified in my life. I feel her presence often and her Crows/ravens seemingly follow me everywhere. It doesn’t matter the weather or my location they’re near me and they’re watching.

Also, thanks for starting this topic.


Thanks for sharing that with us. I’m considering getting a tattoo of Prince Orobas as a tribute to him too. (And because his sigil looks cool too!)
Way to take it to the next level!

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Me and Belial are getting along well, I have other spirit companions as well. Dragons, a shadow demon and a few succubus. I make contact all the time, I give offerings for help. My connections with my spirits Is unlike anything Ive ever felt. They would never let me down!!


I know King Belial too. What a powerful spirit man. I just met him for the first time recently and we got off on the right foot. I’m looking forward to building that relationship like what you have.

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@anon25000386 You should go for it. His sigil is awesome and it’s a great way to increase that connection. I think you can look forward to a great relationship with Belial.

@Wabbajack Sounds like you have a good network set up. The Shadow demon must bring some interesting experiences. Companions can add so much to our practices.


Yeah man I should. I’m already pacted with him, it’s a down to ride or die relationship already. The ratio will represent riding this whole life through with the great Prince.

Sounds like the next logical step then in my opinion.

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Belial Is a stern mentor and great king too. One thing I noticed Is he loves beer, and being Invoked.
Heres a prayer called Belial’s blessing from my satanic prayer book:
“Belial keeper of the Infernal gates
Open the way and manifest my desires
Make way the path clear unto me
Burn that which stands In my way
Be the spark that lights the black flame
Renew my spirit and my will
As below, So above
In Belials name so It Is done!”


Whoah nice one and thanks for the beer tip as well.

I just wrote that prayer down in my personal grimoire. Thanks for sharing. Beer is a great offering. I use rum from time to time. It seems to work well. Specifically rum that has a pirate correlation such as captain morgan or kraken. Since Pirates had been pursued by pretty much every established country of the time. Also he does watch over the outcasts and rebellious souls so it fits in my opinion.

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I wouldn’t say cool, but I have a very good working relationship with Bime, that just seems to increase with each evocation I do to summon him.

I have no shame in saying that I love my material luxury, and Bime has been the driving force behind helping me accomplish my material girl dreams.

However I don’t play favourites generally, I just go to the demon that will work best in that given situation.


I’m named after the demon Valefar and I’ve had an on and off relationship with him most of my life, even if I didn’t realize it at the time. He’s taught me a great deal and helped shape me into who I am today.

Amon has helped me cultivate a grander understanding of divination and its uses as well as unique ways to divine. He has also helped me cultivate great friendships, relationships with my peers, and is generally very supportive of all my efforts.

I am glad to have both of them in my life, even to call them family.


Thanks for sharing that with us, that’s great!