Anybody ever work with Aries?

I’m wanting to build an altar to start working with Aries.
My purpose for this is I want to acquire warlike capabilities such as strength,courage, cunning,leadership,ect.

I know a few basics I could use like red candles,swords,ect which I have.
I also plan on searching online for a small statue of Aries.

But I was wondering if any of you knew things I could use as offerings.Any hymns or other suggestions of what to use would be greatly appreciated.




Try going for Greek style of worship, Olympians like that.
Altars can actually be very bare. Simply an image will suffice and white pillar candle. You will place bowls for libations during daily or weekly offeratory rituals.
The actual ritual is fairly simple, you create khernips water by praying over it in the name of the deity and plunging a lit stalk of rosemary into it. Then washing your hands and face in it and sprinkling over the offerings, altar, and space using the “Hekas Hekas Este Bebeloi” banishing formula. Then approaching the altar and lighting the white candle for Hestia. Give her a libation and a hymn. She is like Papa Legba in voodoo, she opens the way for the gods and gives stability to the ritual. She is always served first and last.
Then you burn some incense and say s hymn to Ares (my favorite Greek hymns are the Orphic hymns translated by Thomas Taylor). Pour out libations.
You can spend time in prayer or communion with the God.
Then you say a round of thanks and give Hestia more libations and snuff out her candle.

Red Wine
Food (cooked meats, beef is traditional, fruits, olives)
Olive oil
In Ares’ case, dragon’s blood would be appropriate

Be aware that red would never be used for Ares. The only color used for Olympians is white because of their celestial height. Red was used for Typhon, enemy of the gods. In Egyptian mythology, Set. And when the two were combined, Set-Typhon. Course, that’s traditional Greek religion.

Aries the god or Aries the planet?Because in greece,aries=mars and the same name was used for the olympian god of war.the same with zeus and aphrodite.

zeus=the planet jupiter and the olympian god of thunder
aphrodite=the planet venus and olympian goddess.

i found this this one for has greek letters so maybe it’s legit to use.

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Thanks guys,looks like I’ve got a lot of research to do!
One question though.
Do I need to make separate altars for Ares and Hestia?

If you are interested in working with Olympians Gods/Godesses read The Darkside of the Moon by Basil Crouch because he gives preferences to them (Zeus, Posidon, Ares, Apollo, etc.)

He also works with angels and devils. It’s a complete magick system, and he teaches it in form of stories and examples. I missed a chapter dedicated to astral travel, but the book is very complete

If you intend to work with those two divinities you’d just use a basic altar and ornate with the god/godess related associated items (for Ares red, for Hestia I don’t know her color you should get a list of her. Plus you’d use a white robe and would use a cord of the color associated with the god of the ritual, for Ares red and Hestia dunno. Posidon would be blue).

You would fill the altar with the asociated animal picture, with the associated flowers, with some symbol of the god, candles acording to the god, and the like

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I did a ritual were on my phone get a mars/ aries foto.and 2 white candles.and let his foto gor tru me,for the ritual time,finished the ritual i give tanks,it was a feeling pf power,

@Dron:::: I think, if I am not mistaken, he mean ARES.

it’s the same name.maybe i wrote it wrong.sorry.ARES is the correct one.both for the planet and the olynpian god-annunaki-extraterrestrial.