Anybody else noticed this?

okay so this might be a weird thing to say but for the past few days ive been seeing 1.11 over and over again and to be honest its kind of freaking me out. I know its probably just a coincidence, but has anbody else seem the same thing?

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I was seeing 222 a lot recently. Seeing these signs aren’t a bad thing at all, quite the opposite! I don’t remember 111’s meaning off the top of my head but it’s worth looking in to.

ok thank you and thank god it isnt a bad thing lol

Tons of 33’s the last couple days here

i just looked up the meaning for seeing 1.11 and it said somethingto do with angels?? :confused:

i dont understand lol

These repeating numbers are sometimes called “Angel Numbers” but can simply show that any spiritual beings that you work with are there and helping. Not just Angels :blush:

but i dont work with any angels :open_mouth: :worried: :confused:

Like I said, if you work with non-Angelic beings, these numbers can show that those beings are there and supporting you.

but what if u dont work with any beings at all

These numbers can also be seen as signs from the universe in general :blush: No matter what your beliefs are, they’re always a good sign!

okay its weird bc the moment i started talking bout this the middle of my head is hurting . bbut if thats good then YAY :smiley: